Esmeralda Bay Apartments

Esmerelda Bay Apartments


Aluminum has long been the material of choice for windows and doors in South Florida, but Custom Window Systems (CWS) of Ocala has challenged that tradition by offering the region a new vinyl alternative using Quanex Building Products’ MikronBlend™ PVC compound and SuperCoat™ UV-cured applied coating.

in an aluminum window frame, there are 20 pieces of extrusion all cut up, leaving many exposed ends open to corrosion and potential water leaks,” said John Cwik, owner and CEO of Custom Window Systems. “Over time, moisture finds its way into the sash and the window corrodes from the inside out. Building codes and regulations are demanding a better system – a better way to construct windows and doors so that they will continue to perform long-term.”

According to Cwik, Quanex’s Micron division has changed the game by providing engineering materials and coatings that remove all previous concerns the building products industry had about vinyl.

The perception has been that vinyl can’t handle the rigors of themarket because it is too flimsy or would sag in the heat,” Cwik said. “Micron has effectively solvced a material problem that has plagued vinyl products since the 1980’s.”

MikronBlend is a proprietary compound that incorporates only

high-grade resins and additives to achieve optimal weathering, durability, color retention and impact resistance, while SuperCoat UV-cured technology is seven times harder than paint – making it the most durable applied coating available for vinyl composite or fiberglass windows and doors.

This is exciting for us and our customers,” Cwik added. “Vinyl window of this design offer the best of both worlds – the tested strength of an aluminum structured window, encapsulated by durable, heat-reflecting vinyl.”

CWS’s vinyl window systems meet ENERGY STAR® standards and feature DP 120 glazing for storm protection. “it is the perfected design package for use in mid-level high-rises in South Florida,” Cwik said.

The Esmeralda Bay Apartments project in Miami, Florida is just one example of CWS putting its cutting-edge window design to good use. The project specifiers were not looking for vinyl windows, but the building code dictated by Dade County required a high impact-resistance rating and thermal performance testing that would meet ENERGY STAR standards.

With these code requirements vinyl window profiles were the only serious candidate,” Cwik said. “our higher-end, engineered vinyl window was ultimately chosen because the DP-rated glass and

strong and resilient construction, mixed with the premium fade resistance and ENERGY STAR thermal ratings. It was a huge win for us in this market.”

The project also specified that the sliding patio doors be made of the same material as the windows, and incorporate a two-panel design. CWS took advantage of Quanex’s K2 series commercially rated vinyl sliding glass door system, which is designed to meet critical specifications for use in large sizes and where high structural ratings are a necessity. The K2 door is manufactured with long-lasting, .100” thick-walled MikronBlend™ extrusions that will stand up to even the harshest weather conditions and will never pit, warp, rot, corrode, peel or crack.

In the end, CWS provided all 224 windows and 80 sliding patio doors for the 13 story, 94 unit Esmeralda Bay apartment complex.

The designs specified that the windows and doors meet performance requirements similar to those found in commercial high-rise applications,” Cwik concluded. “With Mikron’s technologies and advancements in materials science, we were able to accommodate these requirements and still keep the project on budget.”

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